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the mainstream.

Coming Soon – May 18th 2018

The Berm . Hilton Ageas Bowl  . Southampton
11.00am-7.00pm / Visitor tickets £10.00 pp (Children Under 16 Free)
Free Parking / EV Charge Points

Barely a month goes by without one of our leading vehicle brands announcing a move into the electric or hybrid arena, or showcasing the next generation in their portfolio. 

The industrial sector is also getting to grips with the new electric and energy saving solutions which are opening up to them.

But who has the time to carry out all the research necessary to be able to make informed purchasing decisions? And the thought of visiting showroom after showroom can be rather daunting.

That is why we launched Big Green Wheels.

Do you want to find out what all the fuss is about?
Would you like to try this new driving experience?
Do you want to know more about EV charging?
Or how many miles you can expect from each car or van?
To have the cost savings from petrol or diesel to electric explained?
And make comparisons?
Would you like to ensure all your travel is low emission?
Are you looking to create a more efficient and lower cost facility?
And find out what types of products are out there?

Big Green Wheels is designed for organisations and the public to research this changing marketplace in a relaxed venue and enjoyable day out, enabling them to make informed decisions going forward.

Don’t’ miss it!

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What to expect
Electric and Hybrid Vehicles
Hydrogen Cell
Domestic, public sector, commercial
Test Drives
Leasing and Finance
Industrial Equipment
Electric Cleaning Machines

EV Chargers
Electric Bikes
Retrofit Parking Cameras
Bike accessories

And finally
Bike to work schemes
Parking Solutions
Travel accessories
Fleet Management Tools
Fuel reducing solutions
Fuel Card Services


After all that research, all those test drives and all that talking it is time to wet the whistle.

Join us at our Eco Coffee refuelling station.


Pit Stop Bar

Join us at the Pit Stop Bar for a drink of your choice. 
It’s a great place to relax, organise a meeting and build those relationships.

Artisan Mall

Buy Local…Don’t let the day end there, take a look at our Green Wheels Artisan Mall with the very best food and drink the region has to offer.

Eco Driveby

We have brought together some amazing recycled products for you on the day. Don’t miss the opportunity to take a look at what is being achieved out there.

The Berm
Hampshire Cricket Ground Perimeter

Ageas Bowl
Botley Road
Hampshire  SO31 3HX