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The Southern Sustainability Partnership
Look at your Business through a Sharper Lens

Effective Environmental and Facilities Management forms the basis of a robust strategy from which to run any organisation and to assure that operations meet, and even exceed the financial, regulatory and stakeholder expectations of your brand.  Helping you to attract and retain the best customers and staff. 

With collaboration at its heart The Southern Sustainability Partnership was set up to help facilitate these best business practices by providing support for private and public sector organisations – no matter the size. We achieve this by creating a series of highly informative, yet relaxed learning platforms in support of both the suppliers of the products, technologies, services and expertise that help this to happen and the organisations looking to implement them into their processes.

Image resultIolo Williams – Presenter of BBC SpringWatch  “I’m a huge supporter of The Southern Sustainability Partnership events. We must all contribute to seeking a greener and more sustainable way of life. Businesses, both big and small, have a key role to play in this and in order to meet their full potential, I would urge them to work in partnership with The Southern Sustainability Partnership, and attend their Green Events.”

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