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Expo Info
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The Big Green Expo (Southampton) 2019
Environmental & Facilities Management Support

Show Details
8th October 2019
10:00am to 4.00pm

Hilton Ageas Bowl, Botley Road, West End, Southampton, Hants SO30 3XH
Excellent Air, Road and Rail Links
Complimentary Visitor Entry and free Parking

In association with Big Green Wheels

We invite you to join us and meet our quality suppliers in an efficient, cost-effective and rewarding way.
Because finding each other should always be this easy!

This Expo is supported by

Effective Environmental and Facilities Management forms the basis of a robust strategy from which to run any organisation – no matter the size or sector. 

The Big Green Event Expo has earned its position as the most powerful argument for best business practice in the region. A dedicated focus on environmental and facilities management, corporate and social responsibility and support in meeting customer and staff expectations in the 21st Century, the event continues to attract large organisations from the public and private sector from right across the UK, as well as medium-sized businesses, associations and groups with a focus on our well-researched content. 

The Expo aims to drive down the cost of running your business, improve your processes, meet legislation and future-proof your organisation for growth and longevity by enabling you to demonstrate best practice and social responsibility.  We will support you by helping you to understand and meet the changing needs of customers and staff today. 

Investing in the sector
For every stand we bring to you at the Expo – we invest a percentage in our Innovation Hub to provide a platform for new ideas and accelerate them to market.

What to expect on the day

Quality Suppliers across 3 areas of exhibition space.
Our LearnZone where you will find free training workshops
2019Electric and Hybrid Transport Showcase
Electric Transport owners Zone
Keynote Speaker Theatre
Innovation Hub – A showcase of our investment in the sector
Eco Coffee Lounge
Showcase – To be announced

The aim of your Expo

Is to improve efficiencies, drive down the cost of running your facility and its environmental impact – and ensure you meet the challenging and changing expectations of customers and staff. This is how we do it…

Support your organisation in the reduction of the cost of running your facility.
Enable you to use the hard-earned income to drive the organisation forward.
Rather than spend more than necessary on everyday essentials.
Demonstrate how to use this core strategy to help meet the changing expectations of your customer.
Who increasingly expect more efficient and ethically run suppliers and supplier facilities.
That, in turn, helps to attract and retain the best and most motivated staff.
To demonstrate staff engagement and how they are motivated to work to their best potential for an ethical, responsible organisation.

So many reasons to visit 

  • Unique Exhibitor Stands
  • Helpful, friendly experts all waiting to offer guidance and support in your role
  • Product Launches
  • Innovation Hub
  • Influential Keynote Speaker Theatre
  • Leading Industry Experts
  • Free Workshops
  • Eco Vehicle Arena
  • Plan your visit service
  • Superb Show Guide with all you need to plan your visit
  • Pre-book your stand meeting service
  • Showcase
  • Pre-Show Networking Breakfast 8.00am to 10.00am 
  • IEMA 15% new Member Discount
  • Wheelchair access to all areas 
  • Complimentary Entry
  • Complimentary Parking

Time is money, we won’t waste it

New and groundbreaking products and technologies.
Each stand offering something different as we aim to host one of each type of product, service or technology to ensure as much as possible for you, the visitor, under one roof.
The best environmental and facilities management solutions from across the region and beyond.
Many companies don’t exhibit anywhere else.

A well-researched event, with our team of contributors undertaking extensive research into the sector to find what we need to bring to our visitors.

We provide you with a superb location

The Big Green Event Expo is located close to the vibrant port, shopping and entertainment City of Southampton.
With its excellent road, rail and air links.
Just minutes from a train station.
Prestigious Hilton Ageas Bowl Convention Centre,  on the picture-perfect site of Hampshire Cricket.
The venue offers the very best in the form of a modern business platform.
Free wi-fi and PC-station for catching up on emails or writing a blog from the show.
Plenty of quiet, off the stand meeting space on the ground and upper ground floor bar and adjacent areas. 

With Several Show Zones

Registration – Hotel Lobby
Hall 1 – Ground Floor
Hall 2 – Ground Floor
Hall 3 – Ground Floor
Vehicle Showcase – Outdoor 
Keynote Speaker Theatre – Ground Floor
Eco Coffee Lounge (Hall 2) – Ground Floor
Toilets and Cloakroom – Ground Floor and Upper Ground Floor

Accessible via Stairway or Lift

LearnZone Reception – Upper Ground Floor
Workshop Rooms – Upper Ground Floor
Beefy’s Restaurant (For invited guests only) – Upper Ground Floor
Bar with seating for meetings – Upper Ground Floor

The way we work is changing!

Are you up to Speed?

This is important to your longevity and your growth – come along to find out more!

Providing Innovation with a Voice

So many great innovations take an age to reach their target audience or, worse still, never do. The reasons are so often down to a lack of resource and, importantly, a lack of funding.  That is why for every Exhibition stand booked for The Big Green Event Expo, The Southern Sustainability Partnership pays it forward, providing a platform for innovation in the sector. This is achieved through a significantly reduced price showcase in our new Innovation Hub in Hall 1. 

In 2018 this will equate to a total of 8 opportunities to showcase a new technology, service, product, solution, idea or expertise – giving innovation a voice. So, please do offer your support and visit the Hub on the day.

Outside Catering available – to the right-hand side of Reception

It is important to prioritise time to work on – and not in your organisation.
If you let us have even a few hours on the 2nd October, we will ensure you are able to make the most of that valuable time.
Whatever your issue, we are sure the answer will lie in a visit to the 2018 Expo

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Before you go, take a look at our Expo Offers

Golf  £20 per head for a round of golf on the 2nd October 2018. 

Spa   £15 for the day access to Spa, with an option to pay for treatments, if space is available.

To book contact lynda.daniels@southernsustainability.co.uk

Who says don’t mix business with pleasure? Not us!

See you in October

The Southern Sustainability Partnership very much look forward to seeing everyone when the doors open once more on the 2nd October 2018.

You will find us in Hall 2 adjacent to the Eco Coffee Lounge.

Tell us what you would like to see at The Big Green Event Expo.