The key to success for every organisation is understanding and meeting the changing expectations of the customer – and the employee in the 21st century.

Managing the environmental impact of your business has never been more important. Important in terms of the cost of running your organisation, and important in terms of how it is perceived by your customer and your staff.  This is true no matter the sector you operate in, or the size or type of your organisation. Failure to embrace this will have a significant impact on your longevity and your growth.

The good news is that organisations that adopt this strategy reap enormous benefits.

With collaboration at its heart, The Southern Sustainability Partnership has been set up to drive the message that operating under a more environmentally focussed strategy, with more socially conscious values is key to the future of your organisation.

We support large companies and organisations already on their journey, as well as create a platform from which to demonstrate the benefits to those at all stages of the process.

This is achieved through a structured, annual programme of support tools, each designed to enable you to focus on your end goal. Improved processes, significant running cost reductions and proven best practice. Which in turn leads to attracting and retaining the best customers…as well as the right team to service them.

Our support tools include…

An annual Expo which brings together products, solutions, technologies and experts under one roof. A one-day Conference featuring inspirational experts from across the UK and Europe. An annual Seminar which covers up to the minute topics supporting social awareness. A Members Club for effective collaboration. Breakfast networking for peer support and product, technology and expertise updates. A Green Supplier Support Network to support those with the solutions. A training programme. Informative and inspiring sustainable site visits. One-to-one advice at your facility – as well as facilitating peer support.

“Working with The Southern Sustainability Partnership means you are no longer alone in the process. We create a structured programme that enables you to learn about the suppliers, products, technologies, services and expertise available to you – and to spend time with other organisations. 
Collaboration and education are the key to your success.”


Why is this important for your business?

Simon Cripps, CEO of Dorset Wildlife Trust 

Help is at hand

We will demonstrate how you can work to an  environmental management strategy and adopt an affordable step-by-step approach. Your investment, both in time and money, will pay dividends.

Through our support we have been able to help…

  • Private business
  • Charity
  • Local authority
  • NHS
  • Government bodies
  • Organisations
  • Suppliers
  • Environmental Professionals
  • Sustainability Professionals
  • Associations
  • Communities
  • Members of the Public
  • Magazines

In areas such as…

  • Energy management / Waste Management
  • Recycling
  • Procurement
  • HR
  • Pest Control
  • ISO 14001 / ESOS / ISO 50001 etc.
  • Circular Economy
  • Stationery / Print
  • Promotion
  • Data
  • WEEE
  • Comms
  • Heating/Cooling
  • Clean Energy Procurement
  • Renewable Energy
  • Funding / Finance

Working in Partnership   The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment – IEMA is offering Exhibitors and Visitors a 15% Membership discount when you REGISTER to attend Expo – The Big Green Event 2017. Details to follow when you register.

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