A look at your organisation through a new lens

What type of supplier are today’s customers looking for? And what type of employer are the brightest staff looking to work for?

To secure the success and longevity of your business, you need to know the answers to these questions in this fast changing landscape. We are the Southern Sustainability Partnership Limited – TSSP and organisers of Expo The Big Green Event. It is our role to support both private and public sector organisations through the minefield of general environmental management, energy, waste, recycling, facilities management, procurement advice, staff engagement – health and wellbeing. 

Organisations serious about a greener strategy, and running more efficient facilities, are serious about business. They are serious because they are already experiencing the enormous cost savings in running their organisations and, in turn, attracting and retaining the best customers and staff. 

Collaboration at our heart

In short, we are your partner for many of the aspects of best business practice today.

Helping you to view your organisation through a new lens.  We do this through an annual Expo and Conference, Membership Club, Networking Groups, Site Visits, Procurement and PR.

The expectations of your customers and employees are changing.  

This is true no matter the size or type of your organisation, or the sector you operate within. To future-proof your organisation and achieve your goals means adapting to them. The good news is that when you do you will begin to reap significant rewards.  The next step is to make informed decisions and that is where we come in.

There are real people behind this website and we are passionate about helping organisations just like yours.

Collaboration and education are key to your success.

Working with TSSP means you are no longer alone in the process. We create a structured programme to enable you to learn about the suppliers, products, technologies, services and expertise available to you – and to enable you to spend time with other like-minded organisations.

Focussing on changing mindsets to create efficiencies in areas such as…

Energy Management / Recycling / Waste Management / Travel Reduction / Fleet Management / General Environmental Management / Health and Safety / Procurement Advice / Tenders / Organisational Culture / Staff Engagement and Wellbeing / Legislation.

We will demonstrate how you can work to these strategies and adopt an affordable step-by-step approach.  And show you that any investment you do make, in either time or money – will pay dividends.

Or, rather, where will your organisation’s finances be in five years?  And will it be able to handle the cost of your energy doubling in five years – as predicted?  You can make a change today by looking at purchasing the energy for your organisation and your home from 100% renewable energy sources while reducing the cost of that energy at the same time. We have partnered with Clean Energy UK and The Big Clean Switch to be able to help organisations like yours.    Click here

 The Circular Economy

We have followed the work of the Head of Innovation at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, Ken Webster and the strategy for working to a Circular Economy. We recommend Ken’s book ‘A Wealth of Flows’ as a guide to the commercially economic benefits of working towards this strategy.

CEO from our chosen Charity, Simon Cripps of Dorset Wildlife Trust 

Explains why prioritising a smarter, greener thinking is smart practice for every organisation.

We now invite you to visit our Expo, Conference, Networking and Membership pages.

Engage with us today on 01202 971 186 or  info@southernsustainability.co.uk

The Southern Sustainability Partnership Limited and The Big Green Event Expo is pleased to Partner with leading recruitment specialists Allen & York since 2016.


ALLEN & YORK is a leading recruitment consultancy specialising in the appointment of experienced professionals across the built and natural environment. With almost 25 years of experience, we blend up to date sourcing techniques with expert technical knowledge of our core disciplines:

Buildings – Energy – Environment & Sustainability  – Health & Safety – Planning & Surveying – Rail & Highways –  Social & International Development – Waste and Water