The Southern Sustainability Partnership
A look at your Business through a new Lens

The Big Green Event

2nd October 2018



2018 Events



Big Green Wheels

May 2018

Your Environmental and Facilities Management Partner

The Southern Sustainability Partnership was set up to help facilitate best business practice for clients by providing support with their environmental and facilities management.

Incorporating these important management strategies will bring about improvements in customer, public and staff perceptions and, therefore, the bottom line. 

Is your business making the most of these opportunities?

How we help

  • Creating relationships with quality suppliers
  • Keeping up to date with new products, technologies, services and experts
  • Supporting large private corporations, SMEs and public sector
  • Consultancy and training for organisations looking for new solutions
  • Procurement support
  • The Big Green Event environmental and facilities management annual Expo 
  • Big Green Wheels electric & hybrid transport solutions for domestic, commercial & industrial applications
  • Annual Conferences
  • Circular Economy Working Group
  • Green Supplier Network
  • Big Green Guide

Serious about your Business

Our work will help your organisation understand that it is no longer just about the quality of your product or service, or the standard of your customer service. Today, equal status must be given to effective environmental and facilities management strategies which, time and time again are proven to significantly reduce the cost of running your business, improve your processes and ensure you meet – and even exceed, the needs of customers and staff in this fast-moving landscape.

You are not on the journey alone

Working with The Southern Sustainability Partnership means you are no longer alone in the process. We create a structured programme to enable you to learn about the suppliers, products, technologies, services and expertise available to you – and to enable you to spend time with other like-minded organisations on a similar journey.

There is a step-by-step, affordable approach that is right for every organisation.  The good news is that any investment, in either time or money – will pay dividends.

Lolo Williams – Presenter of BBC SpringWatch

“I’m a huge supporter of The Southern Sustainability Partnership. We must all contribute to seeking a greener and more sustainable way of life.

Businesses, both big and small, have a key role to play in this and in order to meet their full potential, I would urge them to work in partnership with The Southern Sustainability Partnership, and attend their Green Events.”


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