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About Us
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With collaboration at its heart, The Southern Sustainability Partnership was set up in 2015 to offer guidance and support in environmental and facilities management, corporate sustainability and social responsibility.  Through a basis of passion and transparency, we facilitate best business practice support for private and public sector organisations alike – no matter the size or market sector, helping create a solid infrastructure for stability and growth.

We achieve this by creating a series of highly informative, yet relaxed learning platforms, with solutions tailored to suit each client.
Our services include…

  • One-to-one Consultancy
  • Smart Procurement Support
  • Green Members Club for public and private organisations
  • Green Supplier Collaboration Hub 
  • Training Workshops and Masterclasses
  • National event: The Big Green Event Expo
  • One-day Annual Conference
  • Organisers of Staff and Customer Engagement Events for Clients

Why organisations build these business tools into their process
A strategy based on effective environmental and facilities management, corporate sustainability and social responsibility is a robust platform from which to run any organisation, ensuring operations meet and even exceed the financial, regulatory and stakeholder expectations of a brand. Organisations that fully embrace these changes will improve trust and, therefore profitability.  Attract and retain the best customers and staff. Streamline processes. Significantly reduce running costs and – ultimately – make a positive impact on their carbon footprint.

Iolo Williams a Presenter on BBC SpringWatch  “I’m a huge supporter of The Southern Sustainability Partnership and their events. We must all contribute to seeking a greener and more sustainable way of life. Businesses, both big and small, have a key role to play in this and in order to meet their full potential, I would urge them to work in partnership with The Southern Sustainability Partnership, and attend their Green Events.”

Contact us to discuss your needs 01202 971 186             info@southernsustainability.co.uk