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About The Southern Sustainability Partnership Limited

With collaboration at its heart, The Southern Sustainability Partnership has been set up to support B2B energy, recycling, waste and general environmental management for private business, charity, local authority, NHS, government bodies and organisations of all types in need of support.

Support that is needed to meet the growing demand on organisations to run more sustainable operations, as well as reducing their energy and waste costs, working smarter to meet the expectations of the 21st century.

Collaboration at all levels is key to tackling future sustainability challenges, and this is exactly what The Southern Sustainability Partnership (TSSP) is all about. Using an holistic approach to collaborating with organisations who have the services and solutions proven to deliver on all aspects of cost saving, waste, recycling, energy consumption and carbon emissions.

TSSP has been established to enable organisations to make the unavoidable changes necessary to meet internal, general and government targets.

During this period, TSSP, alongside Green Business Connections have organised:

  • The Big Green Event Expo
  • Half and one-day Conferences
  • Membership Group
  • Sustainable networking groups
  • Supplier Networking Group
  • Online magazine
  • Environmental management newsletters
  • Green Speaker Programme
  • Delegate sustainable site visits
  • Green Business PR
  • Supplier and business matching service
  • Sustainable Procurement

Expo – The Big Green Event was a natural progression of all the work that has been carried out by our organisation to date. In answer to the needs of green technology businesses, service sectors and experts.

We also play an active role with groups such as…

  • Green Knowledge Network
  • The Sustainable Business Leadership Group – SBLG
  • South Wessex Waste Minimisation Group – SWWMG
  • Member – Future South’s GreenTech South


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